Culture and science in the golden age of the Jagiellonians

The 15th century paved the way for groundbreaking changes in culture and science in Europe. The beauty of antiquity discovered at that time, book printing and overseas lands changed the way of life and thinking of Europeans. The new century was marked by an uninterrupted exchange of people and ideas, changes in literature and the development of science, which were closely related to the two most important intellectual and religious trends of the era – the Reformation and humanism. Poland was also drawn into this whirlwind of changes, new phenomena and the revival of arts and sciences. Drawing heavily on the West European Renaissance, largely thanks to the lively Polish-Italian contacts and the influence of the Reformation, Polish representatives of culture and science created original works, treatises and compositions, thanks to which the entire epoch was called the Golden Age. The artefacts presented in this section give a picture of the most important phenomena of culture and science of the Polish Renaissance.

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Renaissance literature in Poland

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Art of the Polish Golden Age

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